The Drift

by Future Ghosts

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released August 22, 2012




Future Ghosts Chicago

Future Ghosts are an art/rock/dream/pop band from Chicago. Since 2005, they've been telling stories about love, ghosts, and the trickiness of time. Hooks and melodies leap out from heavily textured sonic landscapes.

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Track Name: The Drift
white and pink and static tones
in spinning snow, the hum comes
waves that amplify the drone and take her home
pulse and subtle diffuse glow
the light show grows around us
walls are shadow painted rows
the air sings soft and low
we're gonna drift until it's gone
leave the television on
into the sound, she's fading
into the sound, she's falling
ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
into the sound, she's moving
into the sound, it's calling
ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
burning half-tone picture tube
subdues in blue harmonic
a wash of sonic current moves into the room
hearing spirits singing through
electric vents and wires
lyric noises, voices soothe her
as she's coming to
we're gonna drift until it's gone
leave the television on
come with us, it won't hurt you
Track Name: Valentine
Valentine, I know the point is change
but if one thing stays the same
I hope it's you
and when we move out of these clumsy clothes
I'd like to hold on to your heart
as a souvenir
but if it's just the ground, and it's just the ground
when we're in the ground, when they lay me down
i want your bones to keep the same small space as mine
Valentine, we'll slip away together
tethered by the same soil
(if it's just the ground, just the ground,
I still hear the sound, the sound of hearts moving around)